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challenge our ways Dec 8, 2019 blog I always thought if we expect our students to challenge things, we as tutors should also challenge our ways of teaching. – Klaus Hoek This is some dancing Dec 2, 2019 blog Some dancing I was doing back in 2017 as part of daily practice to do with thinking about and sensing time. strong opinions Dec 2, 2019 blog Here’s technology forecaster Paul Saffo from 2008: Since the mid-1980s, my mantra for this process [forecasting] is “strong opinions, weakly held.” every young person Dec 1, 2019 blog I think every young person who regularly uses a computer should learn the following: how to choose a domain name how to buy a domain how to education as a privately consumed good Dec 1, 2019 blog What I can say is common between the founding intellectual ideas and the roll out [of neoliberalism] is that the idea that only two things ought to not about intellectual humiliation Nov 26, 2019 blog The texts I gave students were challenging, but never meant to subjugate, or, as Walter Benjamin when speaking about education more aptly phrased, new eyes Nov 25, 2019 blog I saw this the other day: It translates to something like: “A true voyage of discovery is not to search for new land, but to have new eyes.” In a different kind of biography Nov 15, 2019 blog I was really struck by Tamson Pietsch’s blog post on rethinking and rewriting an academic biography.1 Tamson writes, “my academic bio says very i could have Nov 10, 2019 blog Repost from Sarah Elgart over at Cultural Weekly. Director Anna Galinova’s “i could have” It’s a simple film — like an arthouse sally potter and the best time to start is now Oct 14, 2019 blog The best time to start is now (don’t wait) Take responsibility for everything (it saves time) Don’t blame anyone or anything (including the dead Sep 1, 2019 blog What would the dead want from us Watching from their cave? Would they have us forever howling? Would they have us rave Or disfigure ourselves, or be reliable source Aug 18, 2019 blog From wired.co.uk/article/wikipedia-fake-news-disinformation: while other platforms are mired in debate over the borders between free speech, anne boyer’s rules for teachers Aug 17, 2019 blog Yesterday the artist/choreographer Paul Hughes sent me a link to this list of rules for teachers written by the American poet Anne Boyer. They are civic responsibility Aug 17, 2019 blog From Roger McNamee’s book Zucked: Waking Up to the Facebook Catastrophe: The internet platforms have harvested fifty years of trust and goodwill curing affluenza Aug 4, 2019 blog Richard Denniss is an Australian economist and his book “Curing affluenza: how to buy less stuff and save the world” is well researched, clear and data Jul 22, 2019 blog I happened across this image the other day at changeabilitysolutions.com: Given just how overwhelming it is to understand how data is changing and shona Jul 11, 2019 blog On 18 June this year the remarkable dancer, teacher and choreographer Shona Dunlop MacTavish died in her hometown of Dunedin in New Zealand. She was history Jun 9, 2019 blog History as “… a thin thread stretching over an ocean of the forgotten.” – Milan Kundera, The Joke (cited in Waltzing in the Dark by Brenda Dixon the dirt May 27, 2019 blog Look for the dirt behind the shine. – Naomi Klein’s grandfather (in the acknowledgements to No Logo) overton window May 12, 2019 blog I was reading something recently (but can’t for the life of me track down the original source) about politics and policy and read of The Overton maximum irony and losing your data Apr 28, 2019 blog As Jamie Zawinski has remarked, when it comes to losing your data “The universe tends toward maximum irony. Don’t push it.” – Kieran Healy, The heart spaces Jun 18, 2013 blog In March this year, I was in Chicago and happened to be part of a group that performed in the very last performance of the original (since 1978) change Apr 5, 2013 blog Melbourne-based choreographer-director Bagryana Popova and I joke that we only ever make one work (for the record, mine is about death and memory, first attention Jun 27, 2009 blog A bit more about Feldenkrais. Last Tuesday I was in another Awareness Through Movement class with Rainer Knupp in East London. We started sitting realness Jun 9, 2009 blog This is from Eammon Forde’s article in the July issue of Word magazine. He is talking about the black hole created by U2 when they “sucked the life staying attentive Jun 7, 2009 blog Here is Roger Federer, at the post-match press conference, following his remarkable victory at Roland Garros: But it was very hard mentally for me feldenkrais Jun 5, 2009 blog On Monday I went to a group Feldenkrais session run by Rainer Knupp in East London. It has been some time since I did any Feldenkrais (the last was 505 May 21, 2009 blog There have now been more than 500 views of this entire blog. Eat your heart out Ms Huffington. reblog: pretentiousness May 21, 2009 blog Here’s Jana Perkovic — the guerrilla semiotician – discussing pretentiousness: guerrillasemiotics.com/2009/05/pretentiousness/ I reblog: when everyone is a curator May 18, 2009 blog The term ‘curating’ has definitely been picked up to describe almost anyactivity that involves choosing one thing over another. – Michelle steve’s palate May 17, 2009 blog I’m a dancer. That means that when it comes to performance it’s my senses and the way I’ve trained my senses, I guess the fact that they can be madness May 5, 2009 blog Why must everything be explained, or be possible to translate, why pick it all to bits – as though it were only a camouflage for something else? dancing lines May 5, 2009 blog from Anamnesis shoot Dancehouse, Melbourne December 2008 Images by Cobie Orger One because the lines interest me, the other because it is a bit Nowhere and Everywhere at the Same Time May 2, 2009 blog Turbine Hall is vast, almost as high as it is long. From the cafè we are guided down the long ramp, given cushions, and enter the Hall. The audience Forsythe Company’s ‘Nowhere and Everywhere at the Same Time’ Apr 30, 2009 blog From performance this evening at Turbine Hall, Tate Modern, London. Images taken with my phone, hence their average-ness. Am thinking of writing a lie Apr 30, 2009 blog I can smell out a lie, the kind that underwrites a life, even if it has been camouflaged in a work of art. It is something you can feel when all time Apr 29, 2009 blog To live is so startling; it leaves little time for anything else. – Emily Dickinson mind brain Apr 28, 2009 blog Let me think in my little mind brain – Bonnie Prince Billy, Guest DJ on NPR at npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=102242295 two types of blogs Apr 27, 2009 blog lucazoid.com/bilateral/two-types-of-blogs/ happy Apr 21, 2009 blog The lack of basic resources – material resources – contributes to unhappiness, but the increase in material resources do not increase happiness. distracted by traffic Apr 6, 2009 blog In the middle of photographing a sign in Barbican yesterday, I was distracted by traffic. The camera swung downwards, and this image is the result. critical running Apr 5, 2009 blog emergencyrooms.org/criticalrun.html we Apr 2, 2009 blog … we live and move and have our being … – Paul, Acts 17:28 audience Mar 22, 2009 blog I go out and I play to many audiences at night. There is the audience that comes because they want to hear their favourite songs, there is an irony capital Mar 22, 2009 blog … Britain, the irony capital of the world, where sincerity, especially sincerity tinged with spirituality, is seen, at best, as uncool, at worst as marketing Mar 8, 2009 blog Dance Massive is on in Melbourne right now. I’ve been performing Inert with the wonderful Shannon Bott. In Melbourne the big dance company is Chunky on ordinary Mar 8, 2009 blog David Byrne being interviewed by the fantastic Stephen Colbert: Colbert: I have a theory about artists … that they are afraid of being rhythm Feb 16, 2009 blog Rhythm is one of the principal translators between dream and reality. Rhythm might be described as, to the world of sound, what light is to the truth Feb 16, 2009 blog We ourselves will be able to determine what is true and what is not. – Joseph Stalin power Feb 16, 2009 blog … the superb indifference that the powerful have for the weak. – Simone Weil red sun Feb 16, 2009 blog My shadow at 07:30am as the sun — made a deep red by the bush fires — lights the office space. tube de-advertising Feb 16, 2009 blog spacehijackers.org/html/projects/tubeadverts/april.html Hotel on Eastlink, Melbourne Feb 16, 2009 blog The fourth major work is Hotel, a 20m-high scale model of a high-rise hotel that will give motorists the impression they are driving past a movie once Feb 8, 2009 blog We only ever experience anything once. – Shirley McKechnie (chatting today over tea) records Feb 7, 2009 blog Image from front of online version of The Age newspaper in Melbourne yesterday. It’s hard to describe this kind of heat (it’s more than 115ºF). A tinder box Feb 7, 2009 blog Just along the Merri Creek trail, Melbourne waving Feb 7, 2009 blog I was cycling to work on Thursday and was caught on the right hand side of car turning right. At the same time a fire engine was roaring up on my ocean without a shore Feb 4, 2009 blog www.oceanwithoutashore.com/ Incredible. brief Jan 20, 2009 blog The cradle rocks above an abyss, and common sense tells us that our existence is but a brief crack of light between two eternities of darkness. – suspension bridge Jan 16, 2009 blog http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/ap090115.html final cut online collaboration Jan 13, 2009 blog As part of a screendance project Anamnesis that I am developing with Cormac Lally, David Corbet and Bagryana Popov, we have been attempting to work Lapage and the image Jan 3, 2009 blog We’ve always been more associated with image, and our physical work,’ he says of Ex Machina, the company he founded 15 years ago. ’We have always dance out there Jan 3, 2009 blog http://dance-out-there.blogspot.com/ quodlibet Jan 3, 2009 blog http://quodlibet.tumblr.com give me Jan 3, 2009 blog Michael Leunig The Age Melbourne 2 January 2009 Original URL: http://www.theage.com.au/photogallery/2005/10/04/1128191706446.html malaise Dec 30, 2008 blog In a nation that was proud of hard work, strong families, close-knit communities, and our faith in God, too many of us now tend to worship Pōhutukawa Dec 29, 2008 blog The Pōhutukawa — New Zealand Christmas tree. These photos were taken at Piha, on the West Coast of Auckland wildness Dec 29, 2008 blog Words ought to be a little wild for they are the assault of thoughts on the thinking. – J.M. Keynes the language of groups Dec 25, 2008 blog Street gangs, sports clubs, political parties, families, people who for all kinds of reasons are regularly together, naturally develop a vernacular reading Dec 18, 2008 blog In reality, every reader is, while he is reading, the reader of his own self. The writer’s work is merely a kind of optical instrument which he think tank Dec 15, 2008 blog Last Thursday (11 Dec 2008), I had the pleasure of attending a ‘think tank’ run by dancer/choreographers Natalie Cursio and Shannon Bott. They are jacaranda Dec 15, 2008 blog Right at the end of the season. quantity of ideas Nov 8, 2008 blog I’ve been working a lot with director/choreographer Bagryana Popov. In the improvisations that form the central part of our rehearsal work ‘on the melbourne sky Nov 2, 2008 blog