when we party we dance

I’m still studying and practising Italian and sometimes this involves doing some writing. Here’s something very brief I wrote the other day (just days after the English women’s football team had won the Euros). Apologies to any native Italian speakers.

Da ricercatore della danza, penso che sia interessante che quando festiggiamo (come le giocatrici inglesi dopo Euro 2022) noi balliamo. È curioso che qualcosa di piuttosto irrilevante (culturalmente) come la danza sia la stessa cosa che facciamo al momento di enorme importanza ed entusiasmo. Cosa ne pensi?


From the perspective of a dance researcher, I think it’s interesting that when we party (like the English players after Euro 2022), we dance. It’s curious that something so culturally irrelevant like dance is the same thing we do at a moment of enormous importance and excitement.

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