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Dance after lockdown - living with paradox Mar 20, 2023 practice This writing explores the experiences of people in the UK’s contemporary dance sector during the COVID-19 pandemic.1 It draws on qualitative data Editorial: Making choreography, making community Dec 22, 2022 practice Amaara and Simon are choreographers who co-edit Choreographic Practices (along with Dani Abulhawa and Lee Miller). In this editorial they peer into Fading out the human presence: A conversation between Barbara Stimoli, Titta Raccagni and Simon Ellis Dec 22, 2022 practice This is a conversation between Italian artists Barbara Stimoli and Titta Raccagni with Choreographic Practices’ co-editor Simon Ellis. The Attention Oct 14, 2022 practice Everything in you will want to do the habitual thing, will want to pursue the story line. The story line is associated with certainty and comfort. Lithium Dancing (in plain sight) Sep 10, 2022 practice In this article I explore screendance’s affair with social media, and the logics of production and consumption endemic to dancing for and with Children of the Soil Aug 15, 2022 practice is a short film that emerged from a practice of falling slowly to the ground. It uses text and still and moving images in a Force Majeure Feb 28, 2022 practice A film by Magali Charrier and Simon Ellis Voiceover: Joanne “Bob” Whalley Force Majeure is both documentary and animation. It draws on a series of Dancing their unhappy freedoms Feb 10, 2022 practice A text written in collaboration with Paul Paschal that draws attention to the paradoxes and contradictions in the thinking-working-desiring-body of the body in time Jan 20, 2022 practice A computer desktop performance that explores the question: Where so many body-based practices are predicated on nuanced encounters with being Editorial: Shifting Dependence Dec 1, 2021 practice An editorial for Choreographic Practices by Lee Miller and Simon Ellis. Reference: Ellis, Simon and Lee Miller 2021. “Editorial: Shifting Cellule d’Essai 2021: A biography of sorts Sep 13, 2021 practice In August 2021 I was invited by Cellule d’Essai to be part of a few days of open research into choreography and dance in Lyon, France. What follows Editorial: Opposite Sides of Something Jul 1, 2021 practice An editorial for Choreographic Practices by Lee Miller and Simon Ellis. Reference: Ellis, Simon and Lee Miller 2021. “Editorial: Opposite Sides of lil making postcards Mar 6, 2021 practice A video document of Lil Boyce making Postcards from Before Supported by C-DaRE — the Centre for Dance Research — at Coventry University Editorial Feb 19, 2021 practice An editorial for Choreographic Practices by Lee Miller and Simon Ellis that thinks through tribalism, us and them, and sympoiesis. Reference: Ellis, chasing elvis Nov 20, 2020 practice A film by Hamish MacPherson and Simon Ellis Supported by C-DaRE — the Centre for Dance Research — at Coventry University midlifing Nov 11, 2020 practice www.midlifing.net/ Eavesdrop on two friends having serious conversations about silly things, and silly conversations about serious things. A podcast Corporeal Epistemics Mar 13, 2020 practice A desktop presentation exploring the datafication of experience and the ways in which choreographic practices — and the radically analogue human two people together Mar 4, 2020 practice A film by Simon Ellis, Igor Urzelai & Moreno Solinas. Filmed during Igor and Moreno’s Bora Bora residency at Odin Teatret in Denmark, April-May Currency of Play Sep 27, 2019 practice In the European summer of 2019 the choreographer-dancer Shaun McLeod (Australia) and I worked for four weeks in a studio in London. We worked with Full Responsibility Feb 8, 2019 practice Sincerity takes practice A film by Rebecca Salzer and Simon Ellis. Supported by the University of Alabama Arts and Sciences College Academy of Pause. Listen: Visibility and Freedom in Choreographic Practice Jan 15, 2019 practice This writing is about the working relationship between a dancer and a choreographer. In it I consider some of the ethical values of making and Between Faces Nov 14, 2018 practice Human practices, rhythms, and habits are all being changed by the hyper-presence of screens: we choreograph them as they choreograph us. It is now That Thing Produced Jun 1, 2018 practice Practice-as-research continues to struggle with its epistemic value. For the most part we seem to have stopped grappling with the complexity of what We Took Photographs May 20, 2018 practice In May 2018 Paul Hughes, Hamish MacPherson and I had an artistic residency at S’ALA in Sassari, Italy. It was an open-ended residency and we wrote a and that is what you see us by Mar 8, 2018 practice A performance installation by Natalia Barua, Katrina McPherson and Simon Ellis. We took photographs; a lot of photographs. We wanted to know what we some things about dance Feb 1, 2018 practice Some Things About Dance is a digital book. It is a collection of playful ideas or things about the art of dance. Each brief chapter is We Like Lists Because We Don’t Want to Die Nov 27, 2017 practice A choreography of words for ten people by Shannon Bott and Simon Ellis. We started working together as dance-artists in 2003. The collaboration not for choreographic purposes Sep 11, 2017 practice We all have things or people in our lives that just shouldn’t — or won’t — be used for choreographic purposes. This is a set of stickers to mark Sprawl Jul 8, 2017 practice A scratch performance by Shaun McLeod and Simon Ellis presented at the Dance and Somatic Practices Conference, 8 July 2017 Photos courtesy of portrait Dec 12, 2016 practice 52 Portraits is a project by Jonathan Burrows, Matteo Fargion, and Hugo Glendinning. Colin, Simon and I was invited to perform a portrait in We Record Ourselves Oct 15, 2016 practice [single screen film (8 mins/stereo/2016) + 22 screen installation (5 mins/2016)] In 1997 film-maker Katrina McPherson tried to get a film woman is fire bearing fire Jun 7, 2016 practice is a 10 second film or vision that was created as part of Siobhan Davies and David Hinton’s project The Running Tongue women will always be blamed for everything Jun 7, 2016 practice is a 10 second film or vision that was created as part of Siobhan Davies and David Hinton’s project The Our White Friend May 21, 2016 practice is a performance project by Colin, Simon and I. It premièred at Independent Dance London on 21 May 2016. Tim Wise is an American Attitudes and Principles of Making Apr 1, 2016 practice This is a list of principles — or perhaps attitudes — of choreographic practice and making. The list is not exhaustive, and indeed comprises many Jealousy, Transmission and Recovery Nov 26, 2015 practice is an article for Performance Research that reflects on the performance project Recovery in relation to Attention, friendship and dramaturgy Oct 17, 2015 practice I am watching Igor and Moreno disagree — maybe even bicker — as they struggle to sort out a particular transition in the work. They are tired, and Recovery Dec 3, 2014 practice Absence may hover over this piece, but it is coupled with the ever-present hum of life. At the end, we are guided up to where we began, but we are Collaboration, Violence and Difference Oct 31, 2014 practice We are Colin Poole (UK) and Simon Ellis (NZ) - two dance artists who collaborate as Colin, Simon & I. In this chapter we reflect on the nature of Pause. Listen. Sep 17, 2014 practice is a dance by Chisato Ohno (dancer), Simon Ellis (choreographer), and Jackie Shemesh (designer). It is designed to adapt and change Untitled Project About Love Apr 25, 2014 practice A project about mundane and extraordinary instances of old love, by Bagryana Popov, Shannon Bott and Simon Ellis. The two performers are moving in, A Separation Mar 27, 2014 practice If it crosses the line, if it goes too far, then it should do because it’s only by going too far that we know what the limits are. — William Drew Dancing Words Jan 26, 2014 practice The many many words of dancing. This is an A2 sized poster, first released in 2014 and then updated in 2018. Some other information: Dancing With Myself, Oh Oh Oh Sep 1, 2013 practice is an attempt to draw together a number of diverse ideas about information, curation, friendship and identity, and to Because We Care Jun 8, 2012 practice is a performance project by Colin, Simon and I. It is about ways of relating: between men, and between audiences and performers I Think Not Feb 24, 2012 practice What happens when you can’t do it? That’s where the dance is. What is revealed when you can’t do it? – Deborah Hay Deborah Hay is one of the Booth: A Dance Fair Nov 25, 2011 practice by Simon Ellis, Amy Watson and Heather Caruso Booth: A Dance Fair comprised six dance-related activities — Solo, Social, Photo, Video, Talk and pictures Nov 1, 2011 practice A biography in pictures, an old piece of video, and Bach. 1 November 2011. Photographs: unknown Music: J.S. Bach — Sonata No. 3 in C Major, BWV My Name is Colin, and This is Simon Jan 1, 2011 practice In fragments of conversation, and in excerpts from their blog, choreographers Simon Ellis and Colin Poole talk about how their first collaborative Anamnesis (remembered) Nov 1, 2010 practice remembers, constructs and questions aspects of Anamnesis — a screendance project exploring memory and loss that I initiated Desire Lines Sep 11, 2010 practice … love, endings, and the lure of the screen A dance for two people and a camera operator. Desire Lines premièred as part of The Place Prize on 21 Leaving Apr 23, 2010 practice is a long duration performance presented in public spaces. It involves eight or more performers working in synchronised duets to explore the Anamnesis Nov 26, 2009 practice All our will, our wishes, our hope cannot stop this. Anamnesis is a screendance project by Cormac Lally (videography/editing), David Corbet (sound), Down (working title) Apr 22, 2009 practice He is resisting the subjective, presenting a fully wrapped package, a present, a small gift — ready to be sent. He is (he hopes) amongst friends, Tuesday Jan 8, 2009 practice A dance film by Simon Ellis & Tim Halliday. One man’s obsession with solitude, dance and digital memory. Music: “Red Right Hand” Written by Gertrud Sep 10, 2008 practice simple, imaginative and very bold — The Guardian A performed conversation through time. Gertrud is a solo performance project. It is an imagined and The Timed Body Jun 1, 2008 practice This is a video archive of the Flash animation. The original web materials are presented below. The Timed Body was originally developed for ‘The then/now Sep 28, 2007 practice is a one minute dance film. It was originally developed for ReelDance One Minute Reels in July 2007 using two imposed constraints: no Four Acts of Violence Leading Up to Now Sep 21, 2006 practice “we must enter into the thickness of a duration where our memories are forged” — Marie Cariou Four Acts of Violence Leading Up to Now inhabits both microflicks Jul 1, 2006 practice Micro50 video is two seconds/50 frames in length. A collection of moments and distilled events. The slights of mediated performance; cut, cared for, dad.project Jun 25, 2006 practice This is an archive of a Flash-based project built by David Corbet in 2006. The site was an open gallery designed for people to upload their own set Tight Jun 21, 2006 practice I saw him the other day. He looked middle aged. A bit too much weight, not quite enough hair. Nowhere near as … tight. He kept mentioning the good Inert May 10, 2006 practice Two performers Two viewers Love in two parts How close is too close? A performance about intimacy and helplessness Inert is a performance experience A Hypermedia Remembering Dec 1, 2005 practice Indelible: A Hypermedia Remembering (2005) examines notions of memory, remembering and representation within a movement and performance research A Little Dance Sep 1, 2005 practice And do the things/Ah, do the things/That we like to do Performance: Colette Arnold, Rosey Feltham, Georgie Goater, Desmond Gul, Annabel Harrison, Sleep. Wake. Dream. Aug 20, 2005 practice A small room. No doors. No light. Dank. Locked. No shouting. No movement. In your dream, I am breathing. And you are clenched in stillness. In my Indelible Feb 4, 2003 practice She sat on the bank and drank oblivion of her former life. Suppose that a young woman passing between life and death, in an imaginary liminal Lying Nov 21, 2002 practice She tried to hug me, I wasn’t listening. A movement and video performance developed by Simon Ellis and students of the Victorian College of the Full Jun 20, 2001 practice With Full, independent dance choreographer Simon Ellis has crafted a minutely detailed and effectively flawless dance installation. – Ben Zipper undone years May 18, 2000 practice I am the enemy you killed, my friend. A movement theatre work by Simon Ellis and first year students of the Victoria College of the Arts. Presented Semi-detached (Poss. 2nd bdrm.) Nov 17, 1999 practice Just as we are shaped and influenced by where we live, and what it is that we call ‘home’, Semi-detached (poss. 2nd bdrm) is the result of Touch Aug 7, 1998 practice Distance | Proximity | Voice | Movement Design, choreography & performance: Simon Ellis Voice: Christine Sullivan Slide Design & Projection: Gabby