choosing to pay

Ferdy Christant is an amateur (wildlife) photographer with an opinion” and the person who started www.jungledragon.com. In 2019 he wrote a post called The rise, fall and resurrection of Flickr. It’s detailed, thoughtful and full of so much of the Web 2.0 history of the internet, as played out through the changing fortunes of Flickr. If understanding the way we are subjected to the changing whims of Big Tech is your thing, I’d strongly recommend taking a read.

But one moment struck a chord with me:

You can compete with Big Tech. Big Tech is about quantity, noise, speed, cheap and meaningless. Human tech is about quality, depth, meaning and deep community.

When you support free, you support billionaires. When you pay, you support sane businesses and real creators. Start paying for things that cost money. If you can’t afford to, use fewer things, which generally make you happier anyway.

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