elvis legs

During the initial COVID lockdown British Choreographer Lea Anderson published an online and crowdsourced version of a 1995 work. It’s called Elvis Legs (Quarantine Mix). Like so much initial COVID art it has people doing their thing at home, framed in small rectangles within the large frame of the screen. Yet Anderson’s work has long had a quality of investigating something, as if she uses the practice of choreography to simply chew and chew and chew. I so appreciate this quality — that I’m watching dancers digging into textures (of movement, gesture, rhythm, etc) and the scenography is a means to allow that digging to be seen. Elvis Legs (Quarantine Mix) has that feeling:

More about Lea Anderson from her website.

Maho Ihara

Image of Maho Ihara from leaanderson.com/works/elvis-legs-quarantine-mix-2.

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