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writing some things about dance podcast git sally potter and the best time to start is now the body and walking limitations heart spaces empathetic writing baldwin on america embodied and disembodied reblog: pretentiousness cheap joke hazelnut chocolate cognitive biases big data reading freedom, privacy and value excitement of the new refuses to disappear wildness Lapage and the image full responsibility sprawl moooooooo bubble reliable source happy showing not telling letters to future students being heard new eyes resonating wildly at night new project and respecting the dancer documenting the document efva lilja critical running city roads maximum irony and losing your data dancing lines the system Do I contradict myself? reblogging Guy Watson about meat (not a polemic) provoking not telling not for choreographic purposes Szott, Gove and noticing things some dancing ambition a different kind of biography anamnesis italiano between faces blog civic responsibility mediawall not knowing what we are looking for anamnesis consent is only meaningful if it is informed marketing paradoxes for students we like lists blog post challenge our ways methods for testing grace #2 stuck on a sentence algorithms self cleaning embodiment methods for testing grace #1 what did you do? time disciplines failure lie data David Byrne on collaboration feeding research writing workflow one simple assumption educational persuasion springsteen on pure experience the ordinary people curing affluenza dog ramp i could have to avoid having to communicate 505 skellis.net Just out of Furness, Scotland (August 2009) on ordinary Charlie Gillett phd proposal protecting borders at Christmas time Bacon’s dog jacaranda skellis dot info move slow advertising irony capital hard to see green shifting and success the long arc ted talks and creativity waving staying attentive ancora una volta rhythm reading rafa are you comfortable there? paxton dance my life away once won’t computer started dancing all day long Moves2010 “Framing Motion” Monks Aid Rescue Effort in Kyegundo some more on working with Bagryana Popov ocean without a shore real time archive word, academia and just writing some things about dance yoga for cyclists reblog: when everyone is a curator two types of blogs audience suspension bridge power the worth of an idea capitalism is an impeccably inclusive creed stories already there beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing Forsythe Company’s ‘Nowhere and Everywhere at the Same Time’ zebra A Dead Statesman (1924) sorry if think tank dancehouse fleeting Bagryana adapting promoting ideas on leaving facebook we record ourselves tube de-advertising arfaot and dramaturgy in sassari quantity of ideas not about intellectual humiliation no paper? return to their skin indelible update performances andree terrible sex the dead General Patton privacy and eff change lisa nelson wombat radio influence education as a privately consumed good Recovery Yvonne Rainer students discarding tribal allegiance copy what we want ouspe resist being contained christian wolff and writing music resolutions emotions numbers and evil truth double-take practice of value strong opinions realness tiring of creativity eu copyright directive the invention of clothing feldenkrais attention, friendship and dramaturgy ticking things over nepotism and privilege just like you brief training mind and body on learning obstacle course for the mind the dirt first attention Marina Abramović presents … distracted by traffic overton window Rose Hacker steve’s palate end of a dancer the language of groups tinder box letting us know that they know microflicks Hotel on Eastlink, Melbourne on silence and speaking mind brain viola sunrise not much to do with art, but fun anyway extend their experience history Jónsi and Artaud anne boyer’s rules for teachers malaise bruce quote on experience melbourne sky teaching choreography we took photographs dance out there curse of knowledge quodlibet blind spots every young person red sun liberal education michael vs ken our white friend copy we unlike like other marshmallow blasters! provoke and disturb 100 day project hitherto records shannon and bassano improve your hearing and enhance your image! preparing for ghosts — the many melodies ahmed and recognising systems madness shona obfuscation Nowhere and Everywhere at the Same Time naked in terms of performance internet rules give me blogging to save the new precariat final cut online collaboration listening working at speed Pōhutukawa
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Indelible Touch Lying Full undone years Racism and Contemporary Dance We Record Ourselves some things about dance 5.2 (Self) Portraits microflicks Currency of Play Recovery That Thing Produced Full Responsibility Sleep. Wake. Dream. Pause. Listen. A Hypermedia Remembering Semi-detached (Poss. 2nd bdrm.) Between Faces Dance and whiteness Pause. Listen: Visibility and Freedom in Choreographic Practice Anamnesis
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some things about dance Jealousy, Transmission and Recovery Pause. Listen: Visibility and Freedom in Choreographic Practice That Thing Produced