types of participation

Back in December 2018 I went to a two-day Becky Hilton workshop at Independent Dance in London. We worked on so many different things (the entire workshop was akin to an open space in how it was conceived and run) but I remember Becky describing three types of participation:

  • voluntary
  • involuntary: no idea what the role is
  • non-voluntary: don’t even know you are involved

I was reminded of this the other day when I noticed someone photographing me as part of an arts event. My participation’ went (quite rapidly) from non-voluntary, to involuntary to voluntary. Perhaps each type carries with it a certain ethical arrangement or agreement, and in this case I thought the photographer handled the situation very delicately — particularly because they were initially trying to take a candid photograph.

Becky Hilton

Photo from uniarts.se/english/news/news/news-spring-2017/rebecca-hilton_1

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