I have finally got around to reading Kate Raworth’s 2017 book about economics called Doughnut Economics. I’m still close to the beginning but thought her early citation of Donella Meadows was telling:

One person who was willing to risk political suicide was the visionary systems thinker Donella Meadows — one of the lead authors of the 1972 Limits to Growth report — and she didn’t mince her words. Growth is one of the stupidest purposes ever invented by any culture,’ she declared in the late 1990s; we’ve got to have an enough.’ In response to the constant call for more growth, she argued, we should always ask: growth of what, and why, and for whom, and who pays the cost, and how long can it last, and what’s the cost to the planet, and how much is enough?’

– Kate Raworth - Doughnut Economics (Chapter 1 Change the Goal > Cuckoo in the Nest, n.pag.)

Love that phrase to have an enough”.

image of Donella Meadows stolen from internet

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