European Spring / Antipodean Autumn

Dear All

Some brief news about some things I’m involved in over the coming months …

1. Colin, Simon & I

Colin Poole and I are currently finishing three weeks choreographic development in the studio at The Place. The work deals with, rather broadly, ways of relating, and in some respects builds on (and forgets) our first collaboration together in the summer of 2009. We have some more time in the studio over the summer as part of Choreodrome at The Place, and then will hope to share it around a bit. There’s an out of date blog at http://colin-simon.tumblr.com. Fictional DogShelf Theatre Company (Bob Whalley and Lee Miller) joined us for a day as provocateurs, and will also help in the summer when Chris Bannerman also comes on board as an outside eye’.

2. Dance Technology and Circulations of the Social Version 2.0

This week I fly to Boston to be part of Dance Technology and Circulations of the Social Version 2.0. It’s convened by Thomas F. DeFrantz and Harmony Bench, and involves a small(ish) group of people — some of whom met at Yale in October 2009 — discussing ideas and visions of dance’s various relationships with technology. It’s free and open to the public so if you are in the area and keen (yes, David Corbet, I’m talking to you) we’ll be at MIT Media Lab, 6th Floor, 25 Carleton Street, Cambridge, MA 02142. I’m presenting a paper called Dancing with myself, oh oh oh, which has some thoughts about dancing on and beside screens, friendship, solitude and Billy Idol.

3. Spruiking Look and Look Again

Dance films are normally presented in series as part of evening length collections. This is almost entirely for practical purposes, but it is impossible as a filmmaker to predict the ways in which the rhythm or dynamic of the evening influences the way in which your work is experienced. Look and Look Again is a gentle effort to begin to manipulate an evening of short-films by having two films presented non-consecutively. These films are silent, have no credits and are ripped from the Inert films developed with Cormac Lally, David Corbet, Scott Mitchell and Shannon Bott. I’ve started sending them to screendance festivals …

4. 67

This is a new film project, currently in planning and testing. 67 seconds, 67 years, a lifetime, and a brief dance. More soon.

5. Solo Performance Commissioning Project with Deborah Hay

In late August I travel to Findhorn, Scotland to participate in Deborah Hay’s Solo Performance Commissioning Project. I’ve been thinking about this for some time, and have long been inspired by artists such as Ros Warby, Rachel Krische, Atlanta Eke and Joe Moran who have worked with Deborah. Part of the commissioning involves each artist gathering the fee from within their community, and I’ve got the support of 61 friends, family, and organisations who have each contributed. There are some details at skellis.net/spcp. The work is made over 10 days at Findhorn, then rehearsed for (at least) three months before I’ll première it in London early in 2012.

6. Roehampton Dance Festival 2011

Roehampton University Dance has a week-long festival 16 — 21 May 2011. It’s a wonderful collection of work, workshops and sharings and will be a highlight of the Department’s year. Head to roehampton.ac.uk/dance2011 for details.

That’s it for now.

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All the very best, Simon

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