Children of the Soil

Children of the Soil is a short film that emerged from a practice of falling slowly to the ground. It uses text and still and moving images in a sequence of graphic-novel-like panels to explore the slow work of growth, gravity and decay.

Texts influenced by — or drawn from — the work and ideas of Nils Bubandt, Rainer Maria Rilke, Wendell Berry, Johnny Cash, Brother Phap Dung, Siobhan Davies, Donna Haraway, Heather Swanson, Anna Tsing and Elaine Gan.

With thanks to Barbara Stimoli, Titta Raccagni, Isabel Kuh, Giuseppe Mongiello, Danielle Stevenson, Marco Ranieri, Nora Sweeney, Sonia Arienta, Ilaria Mazzoleni, Lil Boyce, Rosa Cisneros, Paul Paschal and Siobhan Davies.

Developed as part of a Nature, Art & Habitat Residency in Taleggio Valley, June 2022. Sound recorded on location except for the following:

Supported by C-DaRE — the Centre for Dance Research — at Coventry University.

screenshot, Children of the Soil

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