She sat on the bank and drank oblivion of her former life.

Suppose that a young woman passing between life and death, in an imaginary liminal moment, is witness to the convergence of her memory and biography. We hear her blood, nerves and viscera stop, and in that space - between their suspension and her ending - her life is told by two friends.

Indelible is a collaborative performance and installation project that exists in two states: Evening performances incorporate movement, animation, sound and light, while the installation itself can be experienced as a trace of the performed work during daytime gallery hours.


Elizabeth Boyce (installation/environment)
Natalie Cursio (performance)
Suzannah Edwards (performance)
Simon Ellis (movement & concept)
Lydia Teychenne (sound)
Alycia Hevey (light)
Marion Jenkins (performance)
Kath Papas (production)
Tamara Saulwick (dramaturgy)


Thursday 30 Jan - Saturday 15 Feb 2003
Opening Thursday 30 Jan 2003, 6-8pm


Preview Saturday 1 Feb 2003 8pm
Tuesday 4 - Sunday 9 Feb 2003 8pm
Tuesday 11 - Saturday 15 Feb 2003 8pm

Tickets $20 & $15 ($10 preview) Audience size strictly limited to 20 per performance.

The development of Indelible was supported by a Choreographic Fellowship at The Australian Choreographic Centre in 2001 and 2002. It is presented through the West Space Projects Program with the assistance of Arts Victoria, Australia Council for the Arts, City of Melbourne, The Ian Potter Cultural Trust and VCA Production.

Images: Heidi Romano

Indelible Indelible Indelible Indelible Indelible Indelible Indelible Indelible

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