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choreography, performance, writing & video by Simon Ellis
maximum irony and losing your data Apr 28, 2019 blog As Jamie Zawinski has remarked, when it comes to losing your data “The universe tends toward maximum irony. Don’t push it.” – Kieran Healy, The about this site Jan 15, 2019 info I’m Simon Ellis and this website and blog traces my ongoing practice, work and interests as a dance artist. receiving updates Jan 15, 2019 info I post to the site regularly (at least every fortnight) and the best way to receive updates is by clicking on the feed button in the bottom left of biography Jan 15, 2019 info I am an artist working with practices of choreography, filmmaking and dance. I was born in the Wairarapa in Aotearoa/New Zealand, but now live in contact Jan 15, 2019 info To get in touch you can either subscribe to my mailing list or email me directly at skellis.info@protonmail.com. Jealousy, Transmission and Recovery Nov 26, 2015 writing is an article for Performance Research that reflects on the performance project Recovery in relation to Recovery Dec 3, 2014 practice Absence may hover over this piece, but it is coupled with the ever-present hum of life. At the end, we are guided up to where we began, but we are heart spaces Jun 18, 2013 blog In March this year, I was in Chicago and happened to be part of a group that performed in the very last performance of the original (since 1978) change Apr 5, 2013 blog Melbourne-based choreographer-director Bagryana Popova and I joke that we only ever make one work (for the record, mine is about death and memory, Anamnesis Nov 26, 2009 practice All our will, our wishes, our hope cannot stop this. Anamnesis is a screendance project by Cormac Lally (videography/editing), David Corbet (sound), first attention Jun 27, 2009 blog A bit more about Feldenkrais. Last Tuesday I was in another Awareness Through Movement class with Rainer Knupp in East London. We started sitting realness Jun 9, 2009 blog This is from Eammon Forde’s article in the July issue of Word magazine. He is talking about the black hole created by U2 when they “sucked the life staying attentive Jun 7, 2009 blog Here is Roger Federer, at the post-match press conference, following his remarkable victory at Roland Garros: But it was very hard mentally for me feldenkrais Jun 5, 2009 blog On Monday I went to a group Feldenkrais session run by Rainer Knupp in East London. It has been some time since I did any Feldenkrais (the last was 505 May 21, 2009 blog There have now been more than 500 views of this entire blog. Eat your heart out Ms Huffington. reblog: pretentiousness May 21, 2009 blog Here’s Jana Perkovic — the guerrilla semiotician – discussing pretentiousness: guerrillasemiotics.com/2009/05/pretentiousness/ I reblog: when everyone is a curator May 18, 2009 blog The term ‘curating’ has definitely been picked up to describe almost anyactivity that involves choosing one thing over another. – Michelle steve’s palate May 17, 2009 blog I’m a dancer. That means that when it comes to performance it’s my senses and the way I’ve trained my senses, I guess the fact that they can be madness May 5, 2009 blog Why must everything be explained, or be possible to translate, why pick it all to bits – as though it were only a camouflage for something else? dancing lines May 5, 2009 blog from Anamnesis shoot Dancehouse, Melbourne December 2008 Images by Cobie Orger One because the lines interest me, the other because it is a bit Next page