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choreography, performance, writing & video by Simon Ellis
Nowhere and Everywhere at the Same Time May 2, 2009 blog Turbine Hall is vast, almost as high as it is long. From the cafè we are guided down the long ramp, given cushions, and enter the Hall. The audience lie Apr 30, 2009 blog I can smell out a lie, the kind that underwrites a life, even if it has been camouflaged in a work of art. It is something you can feel when all Forsythe Company’s ‘Nowhere and Everywhere at the Same Time’ Apr 30, 2009 blog From performance this evening at Turbine Hall, Tate Modern, London. Images taken with my phone, hence their average-ness. Am thinking of writing a time Apr 29, 2009 blog To live is so startling; it leaves little time for anything else. – Emily Dickinson mind brain Apr 28, 2009 blog Let me think in my little mind brain – Bonnie Prince Billy, Guest DJ on NPR at npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=102242295 two types of blogs Apr 27, 2009 blog lucazoid.com/bilateral/two-types-of-blogs/ happy Apr 21, 2009 blog The lack of basic resources – material resources – contributes to unhappiness, but the increase in material resources do not increase happiness. distracted by traffic Apr 6, 2009 blog In the middle of photographing a sign in Barbican yesterday, I was distracted by traffic. The camera swung downwards, and this image is the result. critical running Apr 5, 2009 blog emergencyrooms.org/criticalrun.html we Apr 2, 2009 blog … we live and move and have our being … – Paul, Acts 17:28 audience Mar 22, 2009 blog I go out and I play to many audiences at night. There is the audience that comes because they want to hear their favourite songs, there is an irony capital Mar 22, 2009 blog … Britain, the irony capital of the world, where sincerity, especially sincerity tinged with spirituality, is seen, at best, as uncool, at worst as marketing Mar 8, 2009 blog Dance Massive is on in Melbourne right now. I’ve been performing Inert with the wonderful Shannon Bott. In Melbourne the big dance company is Chunky on ordinary Mar 8, 2009 blog David Byrne being interviewed by the fantastic Stephen Colbert: Colbert: I have a theory about artists … that they are afraid of being rhythm Feb 16, 2009 blog Rhythm is one of the principal translators between dream and reality. Rhythm might be described as, to the world of sound, what light is to the truth Feb 16, 2009 blog We ourselves will be able to determine what is true and what is not. – Joseph Stalin power Feb 16, 2009 blog … the superb indifference that the powerful have for the weak. – Simone Weil red sun Feb 16, 2009 blog My shadow at 07:30am as the sun — made a deep red by the bush fires — lights the office space. tube de-advertising Feb 16, 2009 blog spacehijackers.org/html/projects/tubeadverts/april.html Hotel on Eastlink, Melbourne Feb 16, 2009 blog The fourth major work is Hotel, a 20m-high scale model of a high-rise hotel that will give motorists the impression they are driving past a movie Next page