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Pause. Listen: Visibility and Freedom in Choreographic Practice Jan 15, 2019 writing & practice This writing is about the working relationship between a dancer and a choreographer. In it I consider some of the ethical values of making and That Thing Produced Jun 1, 2018 writing & practice Practice-as-research continues to struggle with its epistemic value. For the most part we seem to have stopped grappling with the complexity of what some things about dance Feb 1, 2018 practice & writing Some Things About Dance is a digital book. It is a collection of playful ideas or things about the art of dance. Each brief chapter is Attitudes and Principles of Making Apr 1, 2016 writing & practice This is a list of principles — or perhaps attitudes — of choreographic practice and making. The list is not exhaustive, and indeed comprises many Jealousy, Transmission and Recovery Nov 26, 2015 writing & practice is an article for Performance Research that reflects on the performance project Recovery in relation to Attention, friendship and dramaturgy Oct 17, 2015 writing & practice I am watching Igor and Moreno disagree — maybe even bicker — as they struggle to sort out a particular transition in the work. They are tired, and Collaboration, Violence and Difference Oct 31, 2014 writing & practice We are Colin Poole (UK) and Simon Ellis (NZ) - two dance artists who collaborate as Colin, Simon & I. In this chapter we reflect on the nature of Dancing Words Jan 26, 2014 practice & writing The many many words of dancing. This is an A2 sized poster, first released in 2014 and then updated in 2018. Some other information: Dancing With Myself, Oh Oh Oh Sep 1, 2013 writing & practice is an attempt to draw together a number of diverse ideas about information, curation, friendship and identity, and to My Name is Colin, and This is Simon Jan 1, 2011 writing & practice In fragments of conversation, and in excerpts from their blog, choreographers Simon Ellis and Colin Poole talk about how their first collaborative