Colin, Simon and I (2009)

In this project we spent six weeks together in a Choreodrome residency at The Place in London. We were interested in two key ideas:

Responsibility: to consider the nature of responsibility whilst viewing performance

What it is that we do to be watched? What is it like to be watched? How do we position ourselves to watch and be watched? How might we present materials/ideas that push the audience’s viewing/sensing experience into the foreground of the project’s form–content? From where and for whom might limits be drawn regarding viewing?

Intimacy: to research the shifting nature of intimacy

How might we present or perform the development of our collaboration (and friendship)? Can we explore and utilize materials that explicitly talk (and dance) to the dialogues that occur between us during rehearsals? How can we consider the delicacy and vulnerability of sharing the choreographic process, and being (or becoming) friends?

In 2011 we published a conversation-article in Choreographic Practices that details some of our experiences in this project:

Boyce, E., Ellis, S., & Poole, C. My name is Colin, and this is Simon, Choreographic Practices, Volume 1, Number 1, 1 January 2011, pp. 65-78(14). PDF Download

Colin, Simon and I, photo by Richard Worts

Image: Richard Worts