Emilie Gallier is a French artist based in the Netherlands. This is the call-out for her performance work called Dial-a-Spectacle’:

Dear all,

I invite you to join Dial-a-Spectacle’, a miniseries of remote and analogue performances presented over seven weeks, from September 24 to November 5. The miniseries starts through postal mail and continues over the phone every Thursdays at 8pm (UTC+1), for a routine that involves reading with tactile eyes, listening in on surfacing images, and listening out for margins.

The starting point for Dial-a-Spectacle’ is my assiduous interest for how reading can be a performance and an implicating kinaesthetic experience for spectators and readers. From reading to speaking and listening over the phone, the programme of Dial-a-Spectacle’ generates attention to different forms of remote spectatorship. It starts with the pocket book Papier incomestible’, which is a reading performance, situated in the intimate space of the reader. Papier telephone’ then takes the act of reading to the listening space of the phone. Bouncing from these two events, three new works are specially produced for Dial-a-Spectacle’, by the magician Vincent Gambini (aka Augusto Corrieri), by the poet and composer Margarida Guia and by writer, dramaturge, radio maker and mixer, Fransien van der Putt. For the detailed program of Dial-a-Spectacle’ see http://post-cie.com/dialaspectacle.php.

To join this limited edition of Dial-a-Spectacle’, subscribe before September 20, by sending us your full name and your postal address by replying to this email at (your data will only be used for the time of the miniseries and will later be erased from our file). Full instructions will be shared upon subscription. Attendance to Dial-a-Spectacle’ will cost you the price of local phone calls.

I hope you will dial with us!

Emilie Gallier

with Nina Boas, Camille Gerbeau, Katinka Marac, Vincent Gambini, Margarida Guia, Fransien van der Putt

and with the Nieuwe Dans Bibliotheek, the Centre for Dance Research (C-DaRE), and the Dutch Embassy in the United Kingdom

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