Anamnesis (remembered)

Anamnesis (remembered) remembers, constructs and questions aspects of Anamnesis — a screendance project exploring memory and loss that I initiated and developed in collaboration with Cormac Lally, Bagryana Popov and David Corbet. The writing covers four aspects of the project’s development and form–content: (1) the beginnings of the project; (2) a discussion of the collaborative processes used in the development of Anamnesis, in particular the use of contradiction and tension to propagate uncertainty (itself a critical aspect of memory); (3) an overview of Bergson’s notions of memory, perception and corporeality, which acted as a background context for my work on the project; and (4) a discussion of discursivisation’ processes in writing about creative arts research, and the epistemological challenges generated by the presence of uncertainty and ambiguity in practice as research.

Reference: Ellis, S. (2010) Anamnesis (Remembered)’, Journal of Media Practice, 11(3), pp. 267–280.

Link: ellis-2010-anamnesis.pdf


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